UFF Officers

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: John White, President United Faculty of Florida

Given that the UFF bargains the contract for all faculty, not just those who are UFF members, will the UFF consider allowing all faculty to vote for UFF officers?

Response from John White, President of the United Faculty of Florida:

There are three answers to this question. The first is a common practice that is at the core of union activity. Officers of a chapter are responsible for setting the direction of that chapter, for creating and enforcing a collective bargaining agreement, and for providing its members with specific services. These duties necessitate that officers be nominated and selected by dues paying members; by definition, paying members have a greater stake (and investment) in the success of a chapter than do nonmembers.

Second, the United Faculty of Florida Constitution and the UNF-UFF Constitution specify that only members in good standing may vote for chapter officers.

Finally, and most importantly, all in-unit faculty have ample and equal opportunity to have a say in the governance of their UFF chapter and in the contract that governs our terms and conditions of employment (the CBA): they can join the union. Membership has its privileges.

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