Reputation of the Coggin College of Business

October 13, 2016

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: President John Delaney, University of North Florida

The graduate admissions situation in the Coggin College of Business is very serious and dangerous – it could jeopardize the college’ accreditation and its reputation for quality. It has been said that you have known about it for at least a month what leadership have you shown in addressing this crisis?


On November 18, the Coggin College of Business Administration held an open forum on the issues of accreditation and program quality.  Observers at the open forum, including Faculty Association President Radha Pyati, found that the college administration presented a convincing case that the college was not jeopardizing its accreditation or its reputation for quality. In keeping with the decision of the college faculty and the outside observers, we find that the college is handling these issues in a professional manner and no further investigation is needed.