Pay Equality for Deans

September 1, 2016

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: John Delaney, President, University of North Florida

Newly appointed Interim Dean, Dan Moon, makes roughly the same salary as Dean Pam Chally. Is there any way to explain this that does not make reference to the fact that Dr. Chally is a woman and Dr. Moon is a man?


Because these decisions were appropriately made in the Office of the Provost, I am going to refer the questioners to Dr. Traynham’s answers to similar questions (3.A. and 3.B.) asked at the same meeting:

Question 3
Part A.
Did I miss the call for applications for the Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies? There was one for the COAS interim dean. There were even interviews for that position. It would have been nice to give the appearance that faculty had input into this latest appointment.

Part B. Exactly what is the rationale for paying an interim dean a salary higher than a sitting Associate VP and Dean especially given the fact that the Interim Dean chose to leave his permanent position? Seems to me a deal could have been reached to just increase his salary by a token amount. It appears that we continue to drive up deans’ salaries to ridiculous levels that are not consistent with our stagnant faculty salaries or the deans’ performance.

Answer to Part A. There was no call for applications for the Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and there was no formal search process. Once the search process for the Interim Dean of COAS was concluded and the decision was made to appoint Dan Moon, I was eager to identify someone who could successfully fill his position as AVP and Dean of Undergraduate Studies on an interim basis. I discussed the position with several people and was very pleased that Karen Patterson expressed interest in the position. Given the potential for a domino relationship between these two positions, it did not seem to be a good use of everyone’s time to go through a search process. There will, of course, be a search process to fill this position on a permanent basis, should that become warranted in the future.

Answer to Part B. This question is essentially the same as a question posted in May, 2016 to which I responded as follows:
The rationale for establishing the salary for the Interim Dean of COAS at its current level is that this is, by far, the largest college at UNF, and the position is a senior level administrative position which carries a tremendous amount of responsibility. The performance expectations of the current Interim Dean are not significantly less just because he is an Interim Dean. In short, in my opinion, the salary is both warranted and appropriate. I look forward to a successful national search to identify the best person for this position.
John A. Delaney