Pay Raises for Interim Dean of COAS

October 13, 2016

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: President John Delaney, University of North Florida

What is your position on the two raises, just 10 months apart, that the president and provost authorized for the current interim dean of COAS, in relation to the faculty (17?) who felt short changed on the recent raise?


I think it’s inappropriate to discuss personnel issues regarding individuals. Nonetheless, I will briefly discuss an overall philosophy. Some people are confusing a raise with a promotion. Often a pay raise comes with a promotion. When we promote faculty, they of course get a pay increase.  Typically someone serving in an interim role also gets a raise due to heightened responsibilities, but typically not to the level of the permanent position. In such cases the university saves money as the interim does not make what the former permanent position did.

Secondly, we negotiate with the faculty’s representative, the Union, to set the date of employment on which we base pay raise. This has always been June 30