UNF Pride and SUS Rankings

October 13, 2016

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: John Delaney, President, University of North Florida

The President recently put out a note that encourages us to brag about UNF; this is of course much easier done if those to whom we brag do not then remind us of our position vis a vis the state metrics. Can the President assure us that we will not continue to be in the bottom of the rankings next year or in subsequent years?


At the October 6 meeting of the Faculty Association, I promised to send a copy of the Excellence Points earned by each university on the performance funding metrics this past year. This report follows below.

As can been seen in this chart, UNF falls among the three lowest performing schools on only one metric: cost per degree. On two metrics, we score as the fourth best performing (percent of graduates employed and lowest percentage of graduates with excess hours). On one, we score in fifth place
(median wages for new graduates). On graduation rates, we score in seventh place, and we score in eighth place on four metrics (second-year retention; bachelors’ and masters’ degrees earned in strategic areas of emphasis; and percentage of students with Pell grants). All schools tied for number one on the metric their board of trustees selected.

The only reason we fell in the overall bottom three is because we didn’t score improvement points, not because of our placement in Excellence Points.

SUS Excellence Points Chart

Tom Serwatka