Skateboarding and Smoking on Campus

April 6, 2017

Questioner: Anonymous
Posed to: Shari Shuman, Vice President of Administration & Finance, and John Hale, Assistant Vice President of Physical Facilities
This morning, I saw a student riding a skateboard under a walkway right beside the “No skateboarding sign” and this student was smoking at the same time. What is the enforcement policy on skateboarding, and how can it be enhanced, especially given the narrow pedestrian traffic paths around the Skinner-Jones construction site where skateboarding is often observed?


Partial answer from FA President Pyati from the floor, regarding smoking:
A question regarding smoking enforcement was asked at the December 2016 FA meeting, and the response provided by VP Mauricio Gonzalez appears in the January 12 FA meeting Questions and Responses index on the FA website. 

Support Services Committee received the response from UPD Chief Mackesy during October 26, 2016 meeting:
UPD “will not enforce” the smoking ban. He specifically mentioned not writing citations for those found smoking on campus. This is in opposition to the stroll it, don’t roll it policy, which the UPD does enforce with citations and verbal admonitions.