2% Faculty Raise

December 6, 2018

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: Shari Shuman, Vice President, Administration; Finance

  1.  I have heard that the administration refused to make the 2% faculty raise for last year (2017-2018) retroactive to the beginning of the academic year. Instead, the raise only applies for a portion of the year. Is this correct? If so, why isn’t the faculty raise for 2017-2018 retroactive to the beginning of the academic year? What is the actual date the raise becomes effective?
  2. I received my raise for 2017-2018. I taught in the summer of 2018. When will I receive the additional compensation for that teaching as provided for in the CBA?

Response from the floor by Vice President Shari Shuman

For Part A, retro pay went back to September 23rd. VP Shuman stated that the President did address the first question from the floor regarding summer pay.

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