Artworks on Campus

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: Debra Murphy, Associate Professor & Chair, Arts and Design

What happened to the large, yellow duck that was floating near the library and business building? Will we be seeing this artwork again?


Written response from Dr. Debra Murphy:

“I get the important, intellectual question. The duck has had a very interesting few months of adventures. As you know, it was in the pond by Coggin and the library. Apparently, a group of students decided to ride it like a bronco, and there was some minor damage. (Inaudible) But there was writing on the duck, and it was kind of a triumphal boast, and the poet couldn’t resist adding that word that rhymes with “duck.” And so, it had to be repaired and repainted. It has been at the zoo for the last month; rumors have it that Sergeant Quackers received a few proposals from the aviary. He’s back on campus now, and I’m happy to report that he’ll be returned to the pond tomorrow.”

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