Chalk Dust in Classrooms

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: All Faculty

“Recently, a faculty member discovered, upon entering a classroom, that there was a large amount of yellow chalk dust on the blackboard tray and other surfaces.  Could we find a way to prevent this in the future?  It would help if faculty members would remember to use the dustless chalk.”


Written response from Faculty Association President, Dr. Gordon Rakita:

When possible, I encourage all faculty who use traditional chalk boards to use the dustless chalk out of courtesy to their colleagues.  I additionally urge departments to stock dustless chalk for faculty when appropriate and possible.




Gordon F.M. Rakita, Ph.D., RPA

Associate Professor of Anthropology,

President of the UNF Faculty Association, &

Member of the UNF Board of Trustees

Department of Sociology & Anthropology

University of North Florida

1 UNF Drive, Building 51, Room 2304

Jacksonville, FL 32224-2659

Phone: 904-620-1658

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