Faculty Association Lunches

Anonymous question for Dr. David Fenner, President of the Faculty Association

My question is about faculty association lunch being provided. I am wondering why no lunch is provided for faculty association, as this is what stimulates conversation among faculty and builds comradery. I would like to know why that decision was made and who made it.


Answered from the floor by Dr. Fenner

At the end of spring 2019, Dr. Fenner met with Shari Shuman to discuss that the President’s office will no longer provide lunch for FA meetings. The cost was about $20,000 per year and that the funds needed to be reallocated. She promised to provide some funds, which she has done: $5,500, which has been used for snacks at FA. Dr. Fenner reported also that he’s been able to help raise $5,000 from two anonymous donors. Additionally, the head of catering, John Schneider, gave FA a good deal on pricing FA lunches. Dr. Fenner plans to be able to provide food at the rest of the FA lunches through the end of spring 2020.
Dr. Fenner provided an update on the anonymous questions process. See minutes.

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