General Education Proposal

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: Mark Workman, Provost Academic Affairs

“Should the Provost have the power to reject a General Education proposal – a proposal that has been painstakingly crafted by the General Education Council and the General Education Task Force, that has been reviewed by the leadership of every college, that has the documented support of every college dean, and that has been praised by the Gen Ed external program reviewer who recently visited UNF – because of his opposition and that of one other faculty member?”


Written Responses from Mark Workman, Provost Academic Affairs:

Well, the proposal ultimately will have to be reviewed by this entire body, so really, you’ll have as much say in its composition and structure as will I, but like all actions taken by the Faculty Association with regard to academic programs, they come to me for my approval and then I forward them on to the President for his approval. That same chain will be in effect in this case. I regret that there’s a perception that I summarily dismissed the proposal. I thought we had a good conversation about it. There is merit in the proposal. I’m very grateful to the people who labored in putting it together. From the outset, I indicated to members of the Gen Ed Task Force that I had some concerns with the proposal, and I regard it as very much my responsibility as the chief academic officer of the university to express my concern. But I would love to engage in a constructive dialog with members of the committee to make sure that we’re very much on the same page and that we have a Gen Ed curriculum that we can all feel good about. So I’ll look forward to further constructive, positive, and very collegial conversations on this matter.”

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