Increasing Student Success

Questioner : Anonymous

Question posed to Pamela Chally, Interim Provost and VP of Academic Affairs

Questions are surfacing regarding the choices made by the new administration in their effort to increase student success. Data shows that over the last few years the number of students placed in online classes by the administration has been increasing and, in some cases, have doubled. Classes that in the past had 20-25 students are now being reported to have 50, 60 and 70 students. Please explain how doubling the size of a class, and especially an online class, contributes to increasing student success?

Answer by Pamela Chally, Interim Provost and VP of Academic Affairs

The data show that the average class size for undergraduate DL really hasn’t changed much over the last five years. It was 35.47% in AY13, and in AY18 it was 36.01%, so the size hasn’t really changed. There are a few classes that have deliberately been increased; there’s one in CCEC, there may be a few in Coggin. The one in CCEC specifically has a lead instructor and has a lot of students in it, but it’s a very, very good lead instructor who has support from many distance learning coaches. One last thing I’d say is there isn’t an exact number of how many should be in a class to decide if it’s well done or not well done, but support is very important for that faculty member.

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