Library Designation Proposal

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: David Fenner, Co-chair, Faculty Affairs Committee

Comments:  “If Library personnel are able to be given the designation of emeritus, why are senior instructors also included in this proposal?  It seem as if the Library personnel are attempting to obtain benefits that are exclusionary for senior instructors who have served for longer than the five years library staff is requesting. Why are instructors not included in this plan?”


Written response from Dr. David Fenner, Co-Chair of Faculty Affairs Committee:

Ellie, please confirm that the language below is the FINAL language we settled on in Faculty Affairs.  I think it is, but I don’t have the minutes of that meeting (actually, would you mind sending me electronic copies of all the minutes you’ve taken?  That would help me out a lot!  THANK YOU!)

The title “emeritus” is an honor that may be conferred upon a tenured professor or associate professor or associate or university librarian upon retirement, in recognition of a distinguished record at the University of North Florida. It is expected emeritus faculty will have made significant contributions in the areas of teaching, research, or service (including administrative service); or any combination thereof. Faculty who held a title in addition to professor or associate professor or associate or university librarian for at least five years at UNF (e.g., dean) shall be eligible to have that title included in their emeritus honor.


The process for receiving the honor is as follows:  A nomination is sent to the department chair (or equivalent) including the emeritus title requested; self-nominations are allowed. The tenured faculty of the department or library faculty at the rank of associate or above shall vote by secret ballot on the candidacy. If the majority of the department’s  tenured faculty or library faculty approves, the vote of the faculty, the candidate’s vita, and recommendation letters from the department chair or equivalent and college or library dean shall be forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval and action.


Gordon, if these are the final adjustments to the Faculty Handbook, then the answer to the question below is that instructors are not on tenure lines nor do they have ranks that include “professor/university librarian” or “associate professor/associate librarian.”  This is why instructors are not included in emeritus designations.


If there is a wish to include instructors among those eligible for emeritus designations, a proposal for this first must be presented to Faculty Affairs.



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