Pay for Former Administrators

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: Pamela S. Chally, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

At the last FA meeting (September 2018), an anonymous questioner asked why the university pays former administrators at the same rate of pay even after they have stepped down or been pushed down from administrative roles—a policy that creates golden parachutes, grossly differential pay for the same work within a department, and costs the university hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Provost Chally’s answer, that “That has been a current policy that has been in effect for a large number of years” does not answer the question. I would appreciate an answer that includes a justifiable rationale for continuing a policy that Folio Weekly called a “demotion bonus.”

Response from the Floor by Provost Chally

There are two parts that need to be included in the answer. UNF has maintained the belief that individuals that are Associate Deans or Chairs are in roles that are difficult. These individuals have to manage faculty, often large number of faculty, and manage other duties that are quite challenging. The Policy that was referenced in the previous question is the policy that was established so that Chairs and Associate Deans that serve a given amount of time are able to maintain a portion of that stipend.

The second part of the question pertains to individual administrators who have negotiated strong parachutes when they returned to faculty. Interim Provost Chally stated that she was not a part of discussions that took place when previous administrators left their positions and therefore cannot comment further.

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