Promotion and Tenure Standards

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: Pamela S. Chally, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

UNF is supposedly an institution that provides undergraduate students with an exceptional classroom experience and promotes and rewards excellence in teaching, per UNF Strategic Plan Goal 3 Strategy 2. As a 10-year faculty member in a large department in a large college at UNF, I teach and meet with a large number of undergraduate students. It is my opinion that many of our students are not always getting the excellent experience in the classroom they deserve. Yet every single tenure candidate and every single instructor promotion candidate was approved this past year–that all of these candidates are truly “excellent teachers” seems implausible. What is UNF doing to ensure that we sort out what is really good teaching (as opposed to “I put my course online and therefore I am a good teacher”) and spare our students the poor teachers that we seem to be claiming from the promotion data do not exist, yet whom we all know do exist?

Response from the Floor by Provost Chally

That is an important issue. It is important that we become extremely cautious of the individuals we deem as exceptional teachers. Our students deserve the very best.

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