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Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: John Delaney, UNF President

There is a rumor going around that you are in the DROP program for retirement. Could you comment, please?

In responding of Retirement from President John Delaney:

The simple answer to the above question asked in the Faculty Association’s April meeting is I became eligible for DROP in 2013, when I concurrently signed a five year contract. I did sign up.

To elaborate on the answer let me say that as we come closer to the date for retirement as set forth in the DROP agreement, the Board and I can certainly reexamine whether my continuing in the DROP program makes sense in the life of the university and my family. But with four years ahead of me, I don’t spend much time thinking about the decision I will need to make in 2018. Instead, my focus remains on how we continue to build the remarkable university we are becoming.  So as of now: Yes, I am in DROP and when we move closer to that date, the Board, our faculty and staff, my wife Gena, and my grandsons Jack and Owen will need to help me decide what’s right for all concerned.



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