Snakes On Campus

January 10, 2019

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: Shari Shuman, Vice President, Administration & Finance

I have recently seen the numerous snake and snake-like creatures on this most lovely campus. I admit that I don’t know which snakes are the poisonous and the lethal – but I am mostly concerned because these snakes are lurking around areas where people are walking and congregating. What can be done to squelch this risky situation? Maybe some lakes should be drained? Or snake predators introduced to this most lovely campus?

Response by Vice President Shuman

Venomous snakes and other poisonous animals are a natural part of the ecosystem. Measures taken to artificially control these animals can have detrimental effects. However, when we are made aware of the presence of these animals on campus, we will investigate and determine if there is a potential threat and take measures to relocate the animal when necessary.

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