APC and CIRT Partnership

Questioner: Peter Magyari

Posted to: Dr. Michael Bovenzi, Chair 2014-15 Academic Programs Comte

A question for the AP Committee and CIRT. Dr. Magyari thanked the APC committee for the online tutoring guide and noted that it was a big help in preparing APCs. He asked if it was possible for APC to partner with CIRT to work with faculty to make sure forms are correct the first time they are submitted to avoid delays?

In responding question for AP Committee from Dr. Michael Bovenzi, Chair, 2014-2015 Academic Programs Committee:

Here is my response to Peter Magyari’s question:

The Academic Programs Committee is in the process of expanding the online APC “how-to” page to include relevant information for completing online packages correctly as well as adding a Frequently Asked Questions section to address common APC mistakes. In addition, package authors are encouraged to contact their department or college APC representatives for assistance in completing packages in the APC Workflow System.


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