Basketball Ticket Prices

Questioner: Caroline Guardino

Posted to: Dr. Jay Coleman, Faculty Athletic Representative Intercollegiate Athletic Committee

Why are the prices of UNF basketball ticket prices so high compared to the prices from three years ago?


Written Response from Lee Moon, Director of Athletics Department:

Monday, November 14, 2011 1:42 PM

From:  Moon, Lee

To: Bush, Melissa

Subject: RE: question from the November 3 Faculty Association meeting




The simple answer is we became a Division 1 basketball program in 2009-10 at the time we were asked to start to generate revenue for the athletic department to help support our programs. Increasing ticket revenue was one way to increase revenue. We used the ticket prices of other lower level Div.1 programs to set our prices. We went from $5.00 to$12 for midcourt reserve seat, general admission $10 adult, $8.00 for youth, senior citizen, and military. We also do a $5.00 group ticket for 20 or more. If you have further questions give me a call.


Lee Moon

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