Dual Enrollment

Questioner: Michelle DeDeo

Posted to: Albert Colom, Associate Vice President Enrollment Services

A question regarding dual enrollment; she would like to know what is happening with dual enrollment and raised a concern that UNF is missing out on good students, particularly from other counties, because there is not a policy in place.

In responding of Dual Enrollment from Albert Colom, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services:

Dual Enrollment has allowed academically talented students to take college courses for UNF credit while currently enrolled in high school. Traditionally, there have been two ways students can receive dual enrollment credit from UNF — through a pre-arranged dual enrollment course on the student’s high school campus, or by taking classes directly on UNF’s campus. Eligibility for participation in the Dual Enrollment program has always been set by a written articulation agreement between the school district and the university, and over the years, UNF has maintained a number of these agreements with different high schools in both Duval and other surrounding counties.
Recent legislation (HB 7059, Chapter 2012-191, Laws of Florida) amended and clarified numerous aspects of the Dual Enrollment program in Florida. As part of this new legislation, one significant change is that the statutory language now mandates that the school districts pay tuition for dual enrollment students. Because many aspects of the Dual Enrollment program were amended with this legislation, new articulation agreements need to be developed and approved in order to accommodate these new legislative changes. UNF is currently in the process of reviewing our existing dual enrollment articulation agreements, but this process involves negotiations and signed agreements with all parties involved and must be fully vetted by UNF’s General Counsel’s Office to ensure adherence to the new legislative mandate. As with all new legislative directives, making changes to existing policies and procedures to accommodate the new statute can be time consuming, but is necessary to guarantee that UNF is in full compliance with the new legislation.


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