ISQ Improvement

Question from June FA meeting for fromer Provost Pam Chally

To what extent have you made sure that improvement of ISQs is not coming at the cost of course quality? Many faculty are putting excessive weight on attendance, take-home exams, open book exams, and grade curves, so that the students like them. How are the colleges controlling that? Or is it a college policy to only do what is necessary to improve metrics? If so, can we change the mission statement to low quality instead of high quality education?


Dr. Chally Answered from the floor

One of the things that I am really proud of, of the time that I spent in the provost’s office, is that as an outgrowth of that, we now, and you’ve heard about it twice, have a group that is looking at teaching evaluation, not just ISQs, but the whole package. And that’s what it really needs to be all about. We need to make sure that faculty are appropriately evaluated and that students have a role that gives them a voice in the process. Thank you.



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