Parking renewals for faculty members

Questioner: Scott Hochwald

Posted to: Shari Shuman, Vice President Administration & Finance

He noted that the Parking Committee said that they would not support providing faculty reference for parking renewals because the waiting list will be taken care of by the additional spots. Dr. Hochwald noted that he would like to suggest that a report be done annually to determine how many people are able to renew faculty/staff parking without issues. It was noted that eighty-one faculty members are on the wait-list and UNF will be getting 80 spaces in addition to possibly 20 more that are returned by employees.

Response from Paul Mason, Co-Chair for the Budget Advisory Committee:

Here it is.  Also, I brought to the attention of the parking committee the recommendation regarding allowing more time for those holding a faculty staff pass from the year before to renew before opening it up to others.  The consensus opinion was that doing so would be unfair to new faculty, but more importantly, the waiting list should be taken care of by expanded numbers of spots for faculty and staff  beginning in January and some realignment that we proposed relative to the Arena parking garage.


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