Questioner: Dr. Santavicca (Physics)

Question Posed from the floor

In past years, there’s always been an announcement at one of the last FA meetings of the year about the T&P cases for that year: how many people went out, what the outcomes were, the university committee votes. We did not have that this year. Can we get that information?

Answer from the floor by David Fenner and Others

It has been common practice that we get a P&T report usually around April. Usually, once it has gone through the provost, the provost provides us with that report; we hear about the positive, we hear about the negative, we hear about the whole picture. This year, Faculty Association has not been provided with that report. Cindy and I have both asked for it on a few occasions. We’ve been told it has to now wait till the full slate is approved by the Board of Trustees, so I go back to the point about June 18. On June 18, there will be a BOT meeting at which the positive slate is voted on. Once that happens, I believe that the provost’s office will then release to us a report about P&T cases, but, yes, this is not normal precedent, to not have a report.


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