UFF Questioner items

Questioner: Dr. Carol Ledbetter

Posted to: Cheryl Frolich, UFF President

Six written items were submitted by a single questioner from the floor during the Question Period. Three items included specific questions, while three items were statements that did not contain specific questions. Those items that were in question format are listed below. The three statements that did not include a question are not included.

1. Decorum and civility: I believe that civil discourse is our ability to have conversation about topics about which we disagree, and our ability to listen to each other’s perspectives. Should we evaluate the way the union conducts business on our behalf on our campus? I believe it is our responsibility to insure that we are represented in a manner consistent with the way we would represent ourselves.

2. Brooks College of Health: I am concerned about some of the activities that occurred during the summer that involved union representation activities within  my college. While I am uninformed about the nature of the activities, I am aware of the aftermath. Members of our College are concerned; some are angry;  some feel that their voices were not heard. Did the union follow due process?

3. The union leadership: This week I learned that only two union representatives participated in contract negotiations with the university. Is this consistent with best practice?

Written Response from Dr. Cheryl Frohlich, UFF President:


From:Frohlich, Cheryl

Sent:Friday, September 02, 2011 2:33 AM

To: Bush, Melissa; Plumlee, Patrick; Harrison, Jeffrey

Cc:Lai-Chin, Fong Chuen; Jordan, Cynthia

Subject: RE: questions from the September 1st FA meeting


Dr. Plumlee,

I was forwarded these questions that Dr. Carol Ledbetter asked at today’s Faculty Association Meeting.  However, questions 2, 3, and 5 are not questions but statements.  Therefore, there is no answer.  It appears that you granted her the ability to use the Faculty Association as an avenue to state her views. I do not believe that doing so is appropriate.

Furthermore, at the meeting, Cynthia Jordan raised a point of order which was totally ignored by you. At the time, this surprised me that one of the members of the faculty association should be ignored when she raised a point of order. I received from CJ the email she sent to you with a copy to me stating …”I was VERY UPSET today at the FA Meeting when you did not INSIST on Dr. Ledbetter presenting her questions promptly instead of rambling on about the union when I specifically raised a point of order asking her to state her questions.” I guess I’m confused when a point of order was raised how could you allow this individual to ramble on which is verified since three of the listed items Melissa sent are not questions but are Dr. Ledbetter’s opinion and two of the questions I had answered when I spoke.

Lastly, please advise me as to what questions will be listed, since I can only see three very short questions; of the following three questions, I believe, as I said, that two of the questions were answered during my time allotted to share information with the Faculty Association.  Therefore, do you wish for me to repeat what I said and, I believe, the notes taken by the Faculty Association’s secretary would verify that I had answered two of the following questions.
However, I would gladly answer all three, if that is what you wish.

Therefore, do clarify for me if the following three questions will be listed in next Month’s Faculty Association’s package in the question area (I believe that is the correct area) and await an answer from us. The other three questions (2, 3, and 5) are not questions but statements that Dr. Ledbetter was allowed to make.  Therefore, are Dr. Ledbetter’s statements 2, 3, and 5 going to be listed as questions and if so how does one reply in Faculty Association guidelines to a statement that is supposed to be a question?

The three questions that I see are:
1.    Should we evaluate the way the union conducts business on our behalf on our campus?
2.     Did the union follow due process in the Brooks College of Health?
3.    This week I learned that only two union representatives participated in contract negotiations with the university.  Is this consistent with best practice?

I await your reply…..



From: Plumlee, Patrick

Sent: Friday, September 02, 2011 1:00 PM

To: Frohlich, Cheryl

Cc: Harrison, Jeffrey; Solano, Judith

Subject: RE: questions from the September 1st FA meeting


Dr. Frohlich,

Although several of the statements that were submitted in the written document could be construed to constitute questions, they were not directly phrased in that way. However, three items (as you indicate below) were in the form of questions, which were directed to the UFF President. Answer them if you wish to do so.  The Faculty Association has no authority to compel anyone to answer a question.  If we do receive a response, we will make it available on the Faculty Association website.

With respect to the conduct of the meeting, if you feel that I failed to proceed appropriately, you are free to lodge a complaint with the Executive Committee.  I am forwarding a copy of this to Dr. Harrison, Executive Committee Chair, and our Parliamentarian, Judy Solano, so that they will be aware a complaint might be forthcoming.



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President, UNF Faculty Association
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