Ballots and Ranking for Job Candidates

Question from the Floor by Pali Sen:

It came to my attention that ballots were being used for committee decisions on chair, associate dean and dean searches. If they have three candidates A, B, & C, the voting instruction says to vote for each candidate, as acceptable or not, instead of ranking the candidates. Ranking data is supported by the statistical procedures and is accepted for a standard decision but yes or no on each candidate for the same position does not support any statistical practice. Can you please find out about the validity of the ballots before the university is being accused of unfair practice?

Response from Provost Chally: 

Thank you for your questions, Pali.  The process depends on the objective.  If the hiring officer wants to know who is acceptable, then indicating yes or no answers the question.  If the hiring officer is asking who is deemed superior,  a ranking procedure would be appropriate.

Salary Proposals from Administration

Questioner: Anonymous

A question was received asking whether the Administration had put forward a formal written salary proposal in the bargaining process. Their proposal appears in the April 6 BOT proposals link on the UFF website regarding bargaining videos.

Over the past year, the UNF president has made repeated statements that his administration will be proposing raises. However, according to the most recent UNF-UFF “Bargaining Update,” to date no formal written proposal for salary or raises has been received. Is this true? Negotiations have been ongoing for months; why has the administration not made a salary proposal yet? Does the current administration plan to follow through with the statements of the outgoing president? According to the National Education Association, with the exception of one other school, the average faculty salary at UNF has fallen below all other doctoral granting institutions in the state. What are the intentions and plans of the incoming president for faculty salaries and raises?

Response from the Floor by UFF-UNF President Rebecca Marcon

No electronic copy of the current offer is available. A counter proposal is expected next week.

Parking Permit Queue Not Working

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: VP of Administration of Finance, Shari Shuman

Once again, we wait an hour in the online parking permit queue and then the system does not work. What is being done to stop this problem, and will someone be held accountable?

Response from the Floor by Dr. Gordon Rakita on VP Shuman’s behalf

He stated that she recognized there was a problem. Currently there is a project underway to identify a better vendor for parking services.


Faculty Salaries at UNF

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: Radha Pyati, President Faculty Association

As a faculty member it was extremely disappointing this past week to learn that a National Education Association study found that faculty salaries at UNF are at, or near the bottom, compared to other State of Florida University System Schools. It was further disappointing to learn that this did not happen overnight. Instead as reported by UNF-UFF, faculty salaries at UNF have increasingly lagged behind inflation for more than a decade. However, it was insulting to learn further that during this time the policy of the administration was to permit some administrators to keep all or most of their salaries after they returned to the faculty and no longer were performing or involved in administrative duties. Sadly, these revelations and this state of affairs is now a part of the legacy of the current administration and the outgoing president. Looking forward to new leadership does the newly hired president plan to similarly prioritize and compensate faculty in the same way? What plans does the new president have for compensating faculty? Will these plans address the pay gap between UNF faculty salaries and other State University System Schools? Will they address the continuing and eroding effects of inflation? Will they continue the policy that permits administrators to keep their salaries even though they are no longer in an administrative role?

Refer to Response Provided by UNF President Szymanski and UFF President Marcon


Coggin College of Business MBA Standards

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: Pamela S. Chally, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

The College of Business has again voted to lower admission standards for UNF’s largest graduate program — the MBA. Previously faculty agreed to do away with requirements of minimum admission test scores (i.e., GRE and GMAT); this time requirements for certain applicants with a GPA below 3.0 were altered. This occurred despite anecdotal reports of declining student performance and increasing questions about student retention and graduation rates. Questions (for the current/incoming administration): What is the strategy? What are the costs? How does lowering standards fit with UNF’s mission, vision, and strategic plan?


Response by Pamela S. Chally, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

From: Chally, Pamela
Sent:    Tuesday, May 08, 2018 6:44 AM
To:       Pyati, Radha
Cc:       Dawkins, Mark ; Lai-Chin, Fong Chuen ; Richard, Dan ; Fenner, David
Subject: Re: question from FA

All programs at UNF strive for high quality students.  The Coggin graduate admission policies are approved by the Coggin College of Business faculty.

The  administration and deans believe it is inappropriate to ask them questions regarding decisions of other deans.


Reference Response by Dean Dawkins:

Admissions Standards for MBA


Coggin College of Business Accreditation Concerns

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: President John Delaney, Interim Provost Pam Chally, and Deans:
Do the President, Provost (Interim) and the other Deans share the view recently expressed by Coggin College of Business Dean Mark Dawkins that meeting university and college accreditation standards on an ongoing basis is “not relevant until the next measurement year?” Dean Dawkins’ views were made public in a March 16, 2018 email response to a faculty vote expressing concerns for a Department’s ability to meet AACSB and SACS Accreditation Standards given data showing (1) that more than 80% of their students were currently being taught by non-tenure track faculty and (2) that Administrative Affairs’ and Dean Dawkins’ decision to convert all visiting Assistant Professor and Instructor positions to permanent Instructor positions (versus hiring tenure-track faculty) would exacerbate these concerns. According to Dean Mark Dawkins: “CCB is being reaccredited in business for 5 years, so the impact of either hiring option [tenure versus non-tenure track] on CCB’s faculty ratios is not relevant until the next measurement year in 2021-22 (i.e., 4 years from this year)”. Would the President, Provost and the other Deans please state their policy and intention as to meeting Accreditation Standards in years other than only the year of accreditation (i.e., the measurement year)?

Answer from the Floor by Provost Chally

I strongly believe that asking Deans to comment on the behavior or decisions of other Deans is not an appropriate question. The focus of the question was regarding the faculty ratios for accreditation. The numbers have been re-run by Coggin, College of Business, and regardless of the status of those faculty teaching, whether they be instructors, adjuncts, or tenure-track faculty, the criteria for AACSB (i.e., Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation are clearly met.

Vote of No Confidence for College Dean

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: Faculty Association President Radha Pyati

What procedure must be followed to pass a motion of no-confidence against Dean George Rainbolt?

Response from the Floor by FA President Pyati:
The COAS Operating Procedures describe this process, summarized briefly here: ten percent of the College Faculty from at least three different departments may approach the UNF Faculty Association President, who will then conduct the vote, ensuring confidentiality of participants.


Hiring of Chair in Mathematics and Statistics

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: Pamela S. Chally, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

The new Dean of COAS came in with a budget for an outside chair search in the department of Math & Stat and formed a search committee with a chair from a different department, four Math & Stat faculty, and a couple of others. Some Math & Stat senior faculty offered to serve on the committee but were told no. The search committee identified two good prospective candidates and were favored by most in the department survey, but the COAS dean offered the position to neither one and announced an internal search for a permanent chair. An internal interim chair was not considered acceptable last year, and last August the department was assigned a faculty member from a different department as an interim chair. Can you please explain how the sources of discord in the department have disappeared when dispirited faculty feel otherwise?

Response by Provost Chally: 

I am not sure that I understand the question posed in the last sentence.  However, the decision to do an external search for the Chair of Mathematics and Statistics was made by the Interim Dean Dan Moon in consultation with Provost Earle Traynham. Dean George Rainbolt selected the interim chair. After he arrived, Dean Rainbolt met individually with each member of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and attended multiple Department meetings. The search committee, of which a majority were Mathematics and Statistics faculty, was composed to reflect the many units at UNF who have a stake in mathematics and statistics. He also met with the external candidates and reviewed their application materials. After these meetings with the faculty and this review of the external candidates, Dean Rainbolt came to the conclusion that there were multiple good internal candidates to be chair of the Department and that neither of the outside candidates was a good fit. Therefore, he closed the external search, opened an internal search, and requested that the budget for an external chair be converted to funds for an additional instructor. I agreed with Dean Rainbolt’s view of the situation and granted his request. The standard procedures for internal searches were followed and Dr. Richard Patterson was selected as chair. Although issues remain, the Department seems to be on the right path.