Computer Currency Program Cancellation

Questioner: Debbie Wang

Question asked from the floor

The computer currency program has been cancelled in 2020 (and maybe 2021?). Could someone comment on this? Why is this program cancelled during a time when we are using technology to support distance learning?

Answered by Dr. Karen Patterson, Interim Provost and VP of Academic Affairs

Dr. Patterson affirmed that Scott Bennett would be the best person to follow up on this question with to provide a response for faculty, and a response would be forthcoming.

Faculty role and budget cuts

Questioner: Paul Parkison

Question asked from the floor

What will be the faculty role if larger cuts are required? Will it work through the Budget Advisory or another prioritization process?

Answered by Jason Haraldsen

We did not get into the faculty for budget cuts. However, as we advise the FA, not the administration, I believe that if they will request Faculty feedback, then that would be run through the FA not the budget Advisory Committee. With this in mind, this is something that we will ask the administration in our future meetings.

follow up to UNF Facebook question

Questioner: Anonymous

question asked from the floor

I do want to follow up about the “president and First Lady posts” anonymously… I can understand the president being an indicator of engagement, but the president’s wife is not a member of the university administration.


Dr. White will ask the President and Eric Bruder about this, noting that the President frequently visits campus with his wife.

UNF Calendar

Questioner: Deirdre Shoemaker

Question asked from the floor

Changes to the fall 2021 calendar have taken place in ways that seem not to have included faculty input. Do we have any more information about that?

Answered from the floor by Dr. John White FA President

Dr. White noted that FA is an advisory body as it relates to recommending calendar dates, and while FA voted on and forwarded a particular calendar, the university made its own choice here. He noted, too, that faculty should be sure to rely on the university’s calendar ( for the most accurate, updated calendar of dates.

Building 1 Security

Question from the floor

I am still unclear about the threats to the administration is experiencing that justify the costs of a permanent security service in Building 1. Do you know if there are any plans to save student and taxpayer money by elimination this unnecessary service?

Answered by Dr. John White, FA President

Dr. White noted that this issue was contentious last year and remains contentious and he will bring it up with the President to provide a response at the December FA meeting.

COVID Testing and Notification

Questioner: Stephanie Race

Question asked from the floor

About COVID testing and notifications, discussion about notifications for negative test results has been ongoing and noted as improved, but she has herself experienced irregularities in hearing back about negatives, as well as lapses in secure/personal responses.


Dr. White noted he will follow up with Mr. Bob Greenlaw about this topic and answer back.

Ethnic Study

Question Posed to Dr. David Szymanski, UNF President

Will the university be responding to the White House’s attack on ethnic study with one of our own?

Answered from the floor by Dr. David Szymanski, UNF President

Dr. Szymanski responded that his office and Whitney Meyer are coordinating on this topic, and yesterday (September 30), Whitney Meyer sent out an update about a join effort between her office, Dr. Patterson, and some members of CODI.

Federal Work Study employee

Questioner: Anonymous

Question Posed to Dr. David Szymanski, UNF President

We have an abundance of Federal Work Study employees, so is there any way that they could support the university shortfall in staffing testing services to ensure folks who have a negative test still receive a call/confirmation?

Answered by Dr. David Szymanski, UNF President

this idea hadn’t been discussed and that it would be brought to a next task force meeting.

COVID Testing and Results

Questioner: Anonymous 

Question posed to Dr. David Szymanski, UNF President

I understand that UNF does not have the resources to give all tested individuals results; do we have enough resources to test all interested folks and provide results?

Answered by Dr. David Szymanski, UNF President

Dr. Szymanski offered that the university has the reverse problem: more than enough ability to provide results within 48 hours if someone tests positive. However, if someone tests negative, they’re not contacted because not enough staff are available for that additional step. He encouraged faculty to take advantage of this great resource and noted that no classroom transmissions have been documented. He added that the testing services are supporting 450-500 tests per week currently.