follow up to UNF Facebook question

Questioner: Anonymous

question asked from the floor

I do want to follow up about the “president and First Lady posts” anonymously… I can understand the president being an indicator of engagement, but the president’s wife is not a member of the university administration.


Dr. White will ask the President and Eric Bruder about this, noting that the President frequently visits campus with his wife.

COVID Testing and Notification

Questioner: Stephanie Race

Question asked from the floor

About COVID testing and notifications, discussion about notifications for negative test results has been ongoing and noted as improved, but she has herself experienced irregularities in hearing back about negatives, as well as lapses in secure/personal responses.


Dr. White noted he will follow up with Mr. Bob Greenlaw about this topic and answer back.

needed resources allocation

Written question

When are we going to have a serious conversation about significantly under enrolled departments/programs and moving resources where they are needed?


Dr. Patterson will offer an answer in writing.

Dr. White added that the mission of the university is to serve a broad public, and that’s in education, social work, psychology—a broad spectrum—so focusing on specific departments on this way runs counter to that mission. He added that enrollments fluctuate across time, especially as tied to the economy.

Office Supply requests

Question asked from the floor by Dr. John White, FA President:

I’ve received reports from faculty that their office supply requests have been denied due to budget cuts. Is the university no longer supplying nominal office supplies?

Answered from the floor by Dr. Simon Rhodes, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs:

Dr. Rhodes noted that it was the first he’d heard of this, and he will investigate to report back.