Accreditation Standards

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: David S. Szymanski, UNF President

Over the recent past statements (including responses here) by the current President and senior members of the UNF administration have conveyed the view that accreditation and accreditation standards are exceptional rewards and crowning achievements to be aspired to and sought after. This contrasts with the view that accreditation and accreditation standards are baseline credentials and minimum standards to be expected, consistently maintained, and always surpassed as a matter of course. Can the new president describe his view of accreditation and accreditation standards.

Response from the Floor by President Szymanski

We have gone through a big process in regards to accreditation. Accreditation standards allow us to determine if we are meeting the targets of where we are supposed to be, and we respect that process. I agree with the statement that we should be exceeding those standards.

Coggin College of Business Accreditation Concerns

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: President John Delaney, Interim Provost Pam Chally, and Deans:
Do the President, Provost (Interim) and the other Deans share the view recently expressed by Coggin College of Business Dean Mark Dawkins that meeting university and college accreditation standards on an ongoing basis is “not relevant until the next measurement year?” Dean Dawkins’ views were made public in a March 16, 2018 email response to a faculty vote expressing concerns for a Department’s ability to meet AACSB and SACS Accreditation Standards given data showing (1) that more than 80% of their students were currently being taught by non-tenure track faculty and (2) that Administrative Affairs’ and Dean Dawkins’ decision to convert all visiting Assistant Professor and Instructor positions to permanent Instructor positions (versus hiring tenure-track faculty) would exacerbate these concerns. According to Dean Mark Dawkins: “CCB is being reaccredited in business for 5 years, so the impact of either hiring option [tenure versus non-tenure track] on CCB’s faculty ratios is not relevant until the next measurement year in 2021-22 (i.e., 4 years from this year)”. Would the President, Provost and the other Deans please state their policy and intention as to meeting Accreditation Standards in years other than only the year of accreditation (i.e., the measurement year)?

Answer from the Floor by Provost Chally

I strongly believe that asking Deans to comment on the behavior or decisions of other Deans is not an appropriate question. The focus of the question was regarding the faculty ratios for accreditation. The numbers have been re-run by Coggin, College of Business, and regardless of the status of those faculty teaching, whether they be instructors, adjuncts, or tenure-track faculty, the criteria for AACSB (i.e., Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation are clearly met.

Reputation of the Coggin College of Business

October 13, 2016

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: President John Delaney, University of North Florida

The graduate admissions situation in the Coggin College of Business is very serious and dangerous – it could jeopardize the college’ accreditation and its reputation for quality. It has been said that you have known about it for at least a month what leadership have you shown in addressing this crisis?


On November 18, the Coggin College of Business Administration held an open forum on the issues of accreditation and program quality.  Observers at the open forum, including Faculty Association President Radha Pyati, found that the college administration presented a convincing case that the college was not jeopardizing its accreditation or its reputation for quality. In keeping with the decision of the college faculty and the outside observers, we find that the college is handling these issues in a professional manner and no further investigation is needed.