Administrator/Faculty Bullying Policy

December 6, 2018

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: David Fenner, President, Faculty Association

The new “bully” policy was motivated by concerns for protecting against faculty-on-faculty bullying? However, many faculty have witnessed administrator-on-faculty bullying. Does the new policy apply to administrator-on-faculty bullying? What procedures should a faculty member follow if they are the witness or are the victim of administrator-on-faculty bullying?

There is confusion over its application where administrators who are also members of the faculty are involved. Does the policy protect faculty against bullying by a member of the administration?

Response from the Floor by David Fenner:

The new Bullying policy does not protect faculty from administrator bullying. The purpose of the existing Bullying policy is to protect faculty on faculty bullying. Where there is a difference in level, such as cases where there is a difference in level, such as administrators bullying faculty or faculty bullying administrators that fall under the purview of the United Faculty of Florida and the CBA.

Follow up statement:

CBA article 10.4F has broad language that protects faculty from bullying from administrators:

 “Observe the published rules and regulations of the University, provided that the rules and regulations do not contravene academic freedom, which includes the faculty member’s right to responsibly criticize and seek revision of those rules and regulations;”