CBA Training for Department Chairs

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: Pamela S. Chally, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

The UNF Constitution requires that department chairs “Department Chairs shall have an understanding of applicable collective bargaining agreements.” However anecdotal evidence suggests that some Department Chairs do not have a basic understanding of the UNF-UFF agreement. This lack of understanding can result in dysfunctional conflict, unnecessary grievances, and in some instances law suits. What training is provided to new chairs for understanding the CBA? What training is provided to existing administrators to update them on changes to the CBA? The UNF administration spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for an outside lawyer to represent them in CBA negotiations, how much money is spent on compliance training?

Response from the Floor by Provost Chally

That is an area that I believe we can improve. It is my intention that there will be a training for those individuals identified.

Board of Trustees Bargaining Representative

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: David S. Szymanski, UNF President

Can we please know how much UNF paid Leonard Carson each of the past two years?


Response from the Floor by Vice President Shari Shuman:
In fiscal year 2017, we paid our Chief Negotiator $54000, in 2018 fiscal year, we paid $124000, and this year, we have paid $4200 so far. If we did not pay our Chief Negotiator in this way, we would be paying more for a full-time staff member to support the negotiation needs of the university administration.


Salary Proposals from Administration

Questioner: Anonymous

A question was received asking whether the Administration had put forward a formal written salary proposal in the bargaining process. Their proposal appears in the April 6 BOT proposals link on the UFF website regarding bargaining videos.

Over the past year, the UNF president has made repeated statements that his administration will be proposing raises. However, according to the most recent UNF-UFF “Bargaining Update,” to date no formal written proposal for salary or raises has been received. Is this true? Negotiations have been ongoing for months; why has the administration not made a salary proposal yet? Does the current administration plan to follow through with the statements of the outgoing president? According to the National Education Association, with the exception of one other school, the average faculty salary at UNF has fallen below all other doctoral granting institutions in the state. What are the intentions and plans of the incoming president for faculty salaries and raises?

Response from the Floor by UFF-UNF President Rebecca Marcon

No electronic copy of the current offer is available. A counter proposal is expected next week.