Metrics goal

Question Posed to Dr. Szymanski, UNF President

In terms of your goals, have you considered changing your metrics goal from “getting more points” to “improving UNF’s ranking” so we’re not camped out in the bottom three among state universities?

Respond from the floor by Dr. Szymanski, UNF President and Dr. Coleman

Dr. Szymanski offered that metrics are not optional, and that the BOG uses them so UNF must consider them, and while UNF does address metrics, he views them as an outcome and not a particular set of goals. In this way, in attending to improving aspects of the university that support faculty and students, the metrics are likely to improve as well.

Dr. Coleman clarified that the bottom 3 rankings no longer limit an institution’s receipt of performance funds and instead institutions are measured against themselves year over year for improvement.