Director Title Usage

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: Thomas Serwatka, Vice President & Chief of Staff to the President

A question was asked on February 6th regarding the over-administration of UNF. Dr. Serwatka responded on March 13th that the title of “director” had been used too freely. He indicated that the UNF HR department and Institutional Research department needed to make a change so that administration is accurately counted. As a follow-up to this, 1) Has this process been started in an effort to resolve the misperception that Dr. Serwatka identifies? 2) Should the Budget Advisory Committee be involved in this process?


Response from Vice President & Chief of Staff to the President, Dr. Thomas Serwatka:

October 22, 2014

Dear President Klostermeyer,

Based on our correspondence, I understand that you received a question about what progress we had made in readjusting the use of the title director, differentiating those directors whose role is 75% or more administrative from those directors who are direct service providers, and whether faculty could help in resolving this issue.

I am happy to report that, with the help of Human Resources, we have resolved the different interpretations of director, separating directors who hold administrative positions and those who hold direct service provider positions.

In examining the responsibilities of the 229 employees who were classified as directors or assistant directors under an administrative code, we were able to determine that 110 should be classified as program directors or under other non-administrative titles.  These changes in classification have been made and are reflected in the latest files we have submitted to the Board of Governors staff.

If any faculty committee is interested in greater detail on our review process, we will be happy to meet with them.