Reporting Midterm Grades

April 6, 2017

Questioner: Pali Sen

Posed to: Megan Kuehner, University Registrar

In today’s agenda packet for the Information Item #4, a table is provided for midterm grades. Over the last 4 semesters, records show that 7.7-31.5% eligible professors provided the midterm grades. Since midterm grades are a tool to improve retention and graduation of our students, can the Registrar’s office provide the Chairs/Directors a list of classes with missing grades after the due date? Similarly, if final exam grades are missing for any class, department Chairs are alerted with such a list.


Good morning – I apologize for my own delay. Please see my response below.

The registrar’s office currently assists the Dean of Undergraduate Studies by providing reports on mid-term grade input. Prior to the deadline all faculty are notified of the deadline date though submission remains optional.
Independent of the report all faculty can encourage one another to submit mid-term grades, early alert warnings or LMS notifications. Mid-term grade submissions are retention tools but intervention can occur in a variety of ways and some may be more appropriate or preferable to a faculty member. However, any feedback mechanism is only beneficial when users believe in its usefulness and ability to provide timely warnings.

Regarding the additional question on final exams grades, the policy states that final exams are not required if the faculty member “deem such examinations unnecessary.” The registrar supports the policy and encourages academic chairs to provide guidance to faculty who may question an exam’s appropriateness to a course and to respond to any student questions regarding that determination.