Posting of Questions from Faculty Association meetings

Questioner: An0nynmous 

Questioned posed to Dr. David Fenner, Faculty Association President

Are faculty questions even looked at or posted anymore? It’s hard to believe that there has not been a single faculty question asked or answered since June of 2019.


Answered from the Floor by Dr. David Fenner, Faculty Association President

Well, interestingly, we did have four or five questions that came from November that were in November’s meeting. But, Eve, our new executive secretary has about, you can imagine, 5,000 things going on right now, and we just didn’t get those posted fast enough. They are posted now and I think that our unanswered questions are down to just like two or three. We’ve gotten very, very short. So the website now with questions and answers, questions and responses is completely up to date. But I will say that it is odd. We did not have questions in September because of the hurricane. We did not have questions in October because that was sort of our technically first meeting of the year. We had questions in November. We had no questions in December. You know, from a couple of years where we were getting like 20, 25 questions a meeting, we’re now down to like a couple, and they have to do with t-shirts. It’s a different—I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t have a good explanation for why that is. It just is that case.


He expanded:


I’ve that I’ve gotten a lot of questions in response to the email that I sent out about putting together the task force for thinking about restructuring academic units. Many of those emails really got me thinking about things I hadn’t thought about before. It was my mistake not to have thought those things through more carefully earlier, but they have got me thinking now. So right after this meeting, the provost, Mitch Haney, as Chair of the Council of Chairs and I are going to meet to talk a little bit more about this. The questions that faculty have asked about the reconstruction task force, those are going to get answers. I’m going to send out lots of answers to those things and I’m going to do it for everybody so we’re all on the same page. That’s going to happen very soon.


One of the concerns that we had that I think is a very important concern is protection of those individuals who are on the task force who are junior faculty who are before tenure or who are instructors who may be in an uncomfortable position if pressure is put on them with regard to the restructure with regard to their opinions about restructuring.


So we want to make absolutely 1000% sure that we are not going to put any faculty members in any kind of jeopardy or vulnerability through their service on this group. But we will have something more concrete to share with you soon. But I did want to say to you that we have got lots of questions and they are going to be answered