Coronavirus Task Force

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Question posed to Dr. Coleman

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Suggestion: Regularly test students in residence halls for COVID-19. Other schools do this. Why isn’t UNF doing this? Talk to students in the residence halls and you will quickly see the need for regular testing. They are not following the rules.

Question answered from the floor by Dr. Coleman

Students in residence halls, athletes, and faculty/staff interacting with students in a face-to-face environment (i.e., on campus) have been our three testing priorities during the first two weeks of the semester. As of this past Monday (Aug 31), all UNF faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to come to the first floor breezeway in Osprey Landing Building W (in the residential hall “complex”) for free testing M-Th from 9 am to 2 pm.

Faculty Salary Compression task force

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Question Posed to President Szymanski

Would the president please share why [he] has not honored his commitment to convene a Task Force to study and recommend solutions to address faculty salary compression and inversion (known as C&I). The president promised to do so. UNF salaries are already the lowest in the state and C&I affects hiring and retention.

Answer from the floor by Pamela Chally, Interim Provost and VP of Academic Affairs, on behalf of the Presidents office

The President has told me this morning that he is not sure where that group currently is; as far as he is concerned, it’s still on the table, and he anticipates that it will move forward.