Proctored Exams

Anonymous question for Dr. Simon Rhodes, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs

Many other campuses have a testing center on campus where students can take proctored exams for online courses. Has UNF considered this?


Answered from the floor by Dr. Rhodes

Yes, I understand this has been discussed in the past. I think we’re ready to have another conversation about this. I just talked to Deb Miller about this, so I think we should investigate this again for distance learning courses.

Pattern Between Test Scores and Admission Profile

October 13, 2016

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: Albert Colom, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services

Have you examined the results and implications of the Math and writing placement testing that was done this past summer? If so, have any patters emerged in who has scored what in relation to their overall admission profile?

Response from the Floor by Albert Colom:

The data associated with the Math and Writing Placement testing has not yet been analyzed, but it is in the process of being analyzed. The admissions office will provide this analysis once it is complete.

Testing Center at UNF

Questioner: Steven Williamson

Posted to: Earle Traynham, Interim Provost Academic Affairs

What is the possibility of UNF getting a testing center in the near future?

Provost Earle Traynham answered during the meeting.
We have a testing center, but they administer primarily SATs. You may be talking about one that would serve DL courses and others. There has been some discussion, but no immediate plans. We will be looking for space for a testing center that is easily accessible to all.