Trip Spending by University President

December 1, 2016

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: John Delaney, President, University of North Florida

This past summer the President made trips to visit honors colleges and art museums with many of the Vice Presidents, the costs of which are a concern when academic resources are dwindling. Could the president please tell us how many trips were taken and how many individuals went on each?


First, I will say that my personal travel is very limited. Unlike most Presidents, I have done no university travel abroad, and very little university travel out of state over the past 14 years. I believe and have long stated that the money is better spent to support faculty travel rather than my own. Nearly all of my travel is related to Tallahassee and the Board of Governors in-state and is nearly all done by car vs. flying.

Secondly, the total cost for the four trips mentioned is about $8800 in university money and about $7400 in private Foundation money. Five people went on three of the trips and six went on the remaining trip. Thus those costs are essentially split among 21 people. Two of the trips were day trips with the parties going out and back the same day. One of the day trips was by automobile and did not involve a commercial flight. Either the Provost or I did the driving! A Foundation member went on three of the four trips and personally covered her own expenses. On one of the trips, this Foundation member bought dinner for the entire group.