New Units and appointment

Question: Asked from the floor by, Dr. Scott Hochwald

Question Posed to Dr. Simon Rhodes, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs

Call me old-fashioned or just old, but I like to see thing done in a measured way whenever possible. So the email announcing the creation of a new unit and your words today and the appointment to a unit that had (always) been led by a Ph.D. with extensive pedagogical experience of someone without that background begs the question of what was the urgency.  This seemed to be an excellent opportunity to review the Office of Faculty enhancement and develop a new vision of it with faculty input and to do an external or internal search for the head of Undergraduate Studies before any (personnel) changes that was also informed by faculty input.


Answered from the floor by Dr. Rhodes, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs

So thank you for the question. I did think very carefully about this. There are no net new positions here. This was a reassignment. I have full faith in Dr. Patterson and her ability to do this. She will do this as part of a team and I stand by the decision.