ROTC Morning Training Location

December 1, 2016

Question: Anonymous

Posed to: Radha Pyati, President/Designee, UNF Faculty Association

What is the policy for the UNF Army ROTC and physical training in the mornings? On Monday morning (11/28/2016), these students were blocking the entrance to the Arena Garage while doing physical training by stretching in the middle of the entrance and then running up the various levels of the Arena Garage. They moved out of the way, but this is dangerous. Do they have access to other UNF facilities for physical training in the morning?


Dr. Pyati:

Dr. Gonzalez has asked that I forward you the response below to the question asked by Faculty Association in regards to ROTC. Thank you, Mary

Question VIII (ROTC):

Army ROTC uses the Arena Garage for early morning hill/ramp exercises two to three times a month, and occasionally when there is inclement weather. Considering the flatness of our area, the garage ramps are best suited for this training. Army ROTC takes several precautions to reduce inconvenience for students and staff using the garage. The cadets run on the sides of the ramps so as not to block the driving lane, and clear out immediately when a car comes up the ramps, or if they happen to be at the bottom of the ramp. Previously, this training ended at 6:45 a.m. to accommodate students and staff who used the garage, but to further address the concerns, Army ROTC has moved their hours of use so that training is completed before 6:30 a.m.

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