COAS Dean “Fixed” Search

September 1, 2016

Questioner: Anonymous

Posed to: Dr. Radha Pyati, President , UNF Faculty Association

The job description for the search for a Dean of the Honors College seems to limit all acceptable internal candidates to just Jeff Michelman. Is this another example of a “fixed” search?

Response from FA president, Dr. Radha Pyati:
FA President Pyati spoke with COAS Interim Dean Dan Moon, who is chairing the Honors College Dean search. Dr. Moon noted that the qualifications for the new dean were developed by the search committee, who reviewed honors programs around the nation and asked faculty what they felt were essential qualities for an honors dean. A list of qualifications was developed and placed into the job description.

Principle of “Fairness”

Questioner: Gordon Rakita

Posted to: John Delaney, UNF President

  1. In a recent explanation for a personnel decision, the Provost cited the principle of “fairness” to the faculty member as one rational for that decision.  Will the administration initiate a review of faculty salaries with the purpose of addressing the terrible unfairness suffered by those colleagues whose salaries are compressed and inverted?
  2. I understand that the interim provost has initiated a search for a permanent associate provost. Shouldn’t this search be left to the new permanent provost once that person takes office?
  3. If we are doing the IDEA survey for the Interim Provost and [some] Dean[s], why wasn’t the Interim Associate Provost similarly evaluated?

Given the timeline for relevant responses and the availability of personnel, this question was archived without response.

Provost Search Status

Questioner: Anonymous

Posted to: John Delaney, UNF President

  1. What is the status of the Provost search?
  2. Given that the faculty have selected those to serve on this committee, when will the President appoint the additional members?
  3. When will the Presidential appointees to this committee be known to the faculty?
  4. When will the chair of the search committee be appointed and, thus, know to the faculty?
  5. When will the advertisement be placed for the position?
  6. Where will this advertisement for this position be placed?
  7. What timetable does the President have in mind for the eventual appointment of the Provost?


Written response from Dr. Thomas Serwatka, Vice President & Chief of Staff to the President:

I apologize for taking so long to contact you all about the provost search committee. When John asked me to chair the committee we didn’t know that I was going to go through a series of testing, surgery, recovery and all of the things that happen to the occasional old man. But I am back and ready to get the search process started.


We would like to pull the committee together for a lunch meeting on Friday, October 11, starting at 12:00. You will get an e-vite for the meeting with the details. Please respond, so we know how many lunches to order.

John will be joining us for the first part of the meeting.

I look forward to working with you all on this task. It ought to be interesting to see how we, along with the rest of the faculty, define the qualifications for the position and how we structure the process.


We will have one other person joining us – a student representative.